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Thousands of pictures added

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Nearly 4-thousand pictures added to... All the Car Theory Test Questions & Answers

We use the latest DVSA theory test questions and have added thousands of images to make the theory test easier to understand as well as pass.

Adding pictures to the theory test is what makes us unique from any other theory test site in the UK as we are the 1st and only driving theory test site to do this.

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This is called visual learning which has proven to help up to 95% of candidates pass the driving theory test 1st time and this is how we believe theory test practice should take place.

Remember, we use the Official DVSA theory test questions and have added thousands of images which you can only find on our site.

Free Theory Test practice

Try our theory test demo for free. There are 3 short mock tests that you can practice all with added images so you can see how images on the theory test can really help you learn better. This is a good way to test yourself to see if you are a visual learner or not. It costs nothing to try our demo, its all multiple choice just like the real test so have a go and see how you get on.


Learning the Driving Theory Test with pictures​

We have added thousands of pictures to both the car theory test questions and answers in order to make the theory test easier to learn and pass. These theory test questions and answers that we are providing to you are the same multiple choice questions as the actual car theory test (but without the thousands of pictures we added)

Interesting fact: Did you know that learner drivers stand a 95% chance of passing the driving theory test 1st time when they use our driving theory test software compared to just revising for the car theory test without pictures?

This is because the images we have added help theory test candidates recreate the situation in their mind and therefore they can have a better understanding of what they think the answer will be.

Why choose our Driving Theory Test software?

  • You will receive full access to all of the DVSA’s 730 official theory test questions with images added to every single question including answers.
  • We also include the original driving theory test questions but without the added images.
  • You also have mock/practice car theory tests to help you along your way to preparing for this test.
  • You will receive regular progress reports highlighting areas you are doing well on and areas where you may need improvement.
  • You will also receive all the car hazard perception videos you need to pass the driving theory test too
  • We have also included the car video case studies that will be similar to the ones on the actual car theory test
  • You can also give access to your driving instructor for them to monitor your progress if you wish to do so.

Study Subjects

  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Safety and your Vehicle
  • Safety Margins
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Vulnerable Road Users
  • Other Types of Vehicle
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Motorway Rules
  • Rules of the Road
  • Road and Traffic Signs
  • Essential Documents
  • Incidents, Accidents and Emergencies
  • Vehicle Loading

These are the 14 practice topics that you will need to learn for the DVSA theory test. The number of questions in each topic ranges from 12 questions (Vehicle loading) to 133 questions (Roads and traffic signs). Each study subject has its own questions relating to that subject and together they tally up to 730 theory test questions which makes up the entire DVSA theory test question bank. This is all the theory test practice that you will need to complete. Each question is multiple choice, so you will need to choose which answer you think is correct before you can move onto the next question. At the end of the theory test, you can go back and review your answers (if you still have time) and correct any of the 50 multiple choice questions that you were expected to answer before submitting the test. The other sections to the theory test are the Hazard Perception Videos where you will need to watch and answer 14 Hazard Perception Video clips and the Case Study Videos too. It is also ideal to read and learn the highway code as this has useful information for both the theory test and for your driving lessons. Passing the driving theory test will mean that you are one step away from getting that all important driving licence that most learner drivers are surely longing for.

The Hazard Perception Test

Unlike the theory test questions that are all multiple choice, the hazard perception test is about watching video clips and clicking the mouse as soon as you see a hazard developing. In each video there is at least one potentially dangerous situation that will develop and the candidate will need to prove that they have seen it by clicking their mouse. Watching these videos helps the candidate envisage that they have a driving licence and they are driving in varied roads and road situations. Every time they click their mouse a little red flag will appear at the bottom to show that their actions have been acknowledged. The earlier they click the higher their score will be and so the later they leave it the less points they will accumulate. The test candidate can click a few times if they feel that either their actions may not have been documented or that they have clicked earlier in the video incorrectly but if they do start clicking relentlessly then they may find themselves being disqualified for that video and gaining no points at all. The hazard perception test always comes after the multiple choice questions of the test and never before. It can feel that in order to gain this driving licence you need to put in a lot more effort than you previously expected but it will all be worth it in the end as you will be a better and safer driver than if you passed in some other countries.

We have helped so many thousands of people pass the driving theory test since we launched that we believe you will find passing the DVSA theory test much easier than any other theory test site out there.

We are so confident that you will pass the car theory test 1st time after signing up with us that if for any reason you don’t pass the theory test 1st time then you can use us again, absolutely free!

That’s our pass guarantee promise. *


14 Days

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  • All 730 Theory Test questions
  • 3,650 pictures added
  • Mock Car Theory Tests
  • Hazard Perception videos
  • NEW! Video case studies
  • Over 80% pass rate

180 Days

£ 29.99
  • All 730 Theory Test questions
  • 3,650 pictures added
  • Mock Car Theory Tests
  • Hazard Perception videos
  • NEW! Video case studies
  • Over 95% pass rate
  • 100% Guaranteed

ADI Plans

The ADI section has 3 packages in which the driving instructor can choose from. This gives your learner drivers access to all the driving theory test questions with and without the added images and includes Hazard Perception Videos and Video Case Studies too. As the ADI you will also have real-time progress reports which means you can keep up to date with your learner drivers progress so you can be able to help them if needed. These packages are paid for on a monthly basis by the ADI and you can sign up as many learner drivers as you wish without them being charged extra for it. Plus, you can have multiple ADI’s access it too, so you will each have your own account and view your own candidates details privately.

Classroom, Groups and 1-2-1 Presentations

Are you a Driving Instructor or a Tutor that teaches theory test practice?

If yes, then we offer a very affordable presentation package suited for you. The presentation package has all the DVSA theory test questions with added images to make classroom learning fun, effective and informative. You can use the presentation package in a classroom, a group, on platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams and on any type of projector, TV, PC, laptop or tablet. The presentation package has a smooth layout which is ideal for when teaching the driving theory test and also has button options so you can resize the screen, image height, text size, jump straight from question 1 to question 51 for example without having to skip through all the other questions as well as adding or remove images.

Commonly misunderstood Theory Test Questions

Coasting, Central reservation, Contraflow, Locker filler cap, Chicanes, Dazzling Drivers, Windscreen Pillars, Camber, Hazard, Hard shoulder, Dials, Demisters, Transmission, Nearside, Blind spot, Catalytic converter, Unmarked crossroads, Toucan crossing, Verges, Oil seals, Side wall of a tyre, Tyre Tread depth, Dipped headlights, parking lights, Emissions, passing place, Red routes, crawler lane.

These are a few words that are found in the car theory test yet over 95% of learner drivers do not know the meaning of all the words above. If this is also the case for you then our theory test software will definitely help you. Don’t forget that we also include videos for the hazard perception test and the case studies too to help you to reach that driving licence goal of yours.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’

Psychologists tend to use this phrase in order to express that you are far more likely to remember the answer when you see pictures than without and that’s because 90% of information transferred to the brain is visual

Visual learning.

We are proud to be the only theory test site that is 100% picture based. Seeing images with questions means that you can be sure that learning will take place when you are studying for the driving theory test.

70% of the worlds population are visual learners which means you are most probably a visual learner yourself and if that’s the case then you will learn better by seeing images alongside the questions.

This is where our theory test practice plays an important role to helping learner drivers pass the test. As all our theory test questions and answers have images attached to them, it is not only easier to learn and understand but it is more likely to stick in your long term memory.

A few frequently asked questions

BSL Theory Test is a picture-based car theory test software that is designed to help learner drivers learn and understand the car theory test by making it 100% visual. All the questions and answers are exactly the same as the real test but with added pictures.

BSL Theory Test is designed to help you understand the car theory test as well as pass the car theory test 1st time by being completely visual. Whilst studying for the car theory test and learning from the pictures you will also understand the difficult questions many have struggled with over the years leaving you feeling more confident on the day of your real car theory test.

By being visual, our driving theory test helps anyone who learns better by seeing images. It will also make learning the theory test more fun and interesting too.

Unfortunately, the majority of pictures that we have added to our driving theory test are not on the real DVSA theory test. The idea is that you will learn the theory test with pictures, helping you understand the questions and answers a lot more which will make the actual DVSA theory test a lot easier to pass.

You will have 57 minutes to answer 50 random theory test questions and you will also need to watch 14 hazard perception video clips and a video case study too.

You will need a minimum of 43 questions answered correctly out of the 50 questions you are asked.

Practising for the DVSA theory test means that you are preparing yourself for your driving test as you will be tested on situations that may occur when you drive. The idea is that when you do finally achieve your driving licence you will be a careful driver that always anticipates situations before they actually happen.

Getting a driving licence in the UK seems to be more challenging that most other countries around the world and some say and that it is because our roads are narrow and overcrowded. That might be the case but once you have passed the practical driving test and you have that driving licence in your hand, you can be confident in the knowledge that you have worked hard to achieve this driving licence and you are more prepared for the difficult roads that lie ahead.

Click here for more frequently asked questions.