ADIs going the extra mile...

BSL Theory Test is an online driving theory test software that has revolutionised the way the theory test is being learnt. It includes everything your pupils need to learn and pass the theory test, as well as Instructor features too. 

Invite your learners

Sign your pupils up to receive full unlimited access to the entire theory test question bank including thousands of added images, hazard perception videos, video case studies and thousands of mock tests. (In order to be more realistic, mock tests do not include added images).

Track and keep up to date

BSL Theory Test allows you to monitor your learner drivers theory test progress online. You and your learners will also get real time progress reports so you can keep an eye on how they are getting on, how often they are practising, the areas they are stronger or weaker on making it easier for the instructor to decide which learners need more attention.

Presentation Package

The presentation package has all the DVSA theory test questions with added images to make classroom learning fun, effective and informative. You can use the presentation package in a classroom, a group, on platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams and on any type of projector, TV, PC, laptop or tablet. The presentation package has a smooth layout which is ideal for when teaching the driving theory test and also has button options so you can resize the screen, image height, text size, jump straight from question 1 to question 51 for example without having to skip through all the other questions as well as adding or remove images.

Pro 10

£ 13 / month
  • Full Access for 10 Pupils
  • Official Theory Test Questions
  • 3,650 added images
  • Turn added images On or Off
  • Mock Car Theory Tests
  • Hazard Perception Videos
  • Video Case Studies
  • Multiple Instructors
  • Presentation add-on optional

Classroom Elite 150

£ 59 / month
  • Full Access for 150 Pupils
  • Official Theory Test Questions
  • 3,650 pictures added
  • Turn added images On or Off
  • Mock Car Theory Tests
  • Hazard Perception Videos
  • Video Case Studies
  • Multiple Instructors
  • Presentation Included

Monthly plans to suit all

We offer monthly plans from 10 learner drivers to 150. You can add and remove your learner drivers any time you choose and you can change plans anytime you wish. Plus, you can add other driving instructors to your account and each of you can have your own private dashboard with your own pupils on it. Cancel anytime.

Presentation Package price: Free on Classroom Elite – £10 per month on either Pro Plus or Pro if you choose to include this add-on to your account.

#FAQ A few frequently asked questions

On each plan you get to choose whether you want 10, 30 or 150 learners attached to your account. That allocation is the maximum pupils you can have at any one time. You can remove as many pupils as you wish in order to add new ones to your account whenever you wish to do so. The other options are upgrading your plan or adding more learners to your account. 

Yes, if you feel that you want to add more learners to your account or that you don’t need as many users every month then just send us an email and we can adjust the plan for you. We will not charge you any extra to do this.

Yes. Just let us know when you wish to cancel and we can stop it for you without you being charged any extra.

We can keep your account on hold until you wish to return.

Yes of course. On all our plans you can either work alone or with other instructors. You will each have your own independent dashboard so you can only view your own learners progress keeping your learners information private. 

Absolutely not. Just choose which plan suits you all and then away you go. The lead instructor can allocate the number of learners to each instructor and later on if you need to increase the allocation you can either add more learner drivers to your account or move up to the next monthly plan.

If you need to add more learners but do not wish to change plans then let us know how many more learners you wish to add and we can add them on for you. It will work out slightly cheaper than what you’re already paying per learner. Get in touch for more details.

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