Yes, everything we include is accessible on any device you’re using. We don’t restrict access on any internet device.

Yes. If your learners are not too keen on the images or they find that they are ready to practice without added images then there is an on/off button that your learners will have access to that can switch the images on or off.

We have added thousands of images to the driving theory test to help learner drivers learn and understand the theory test. Millions of Learner drivers have been complaining for decades that they are finding the theory test too difficult to understand and that they are either planning to memorise the theory test questions or hoping to ‘wing it’. Having the images in front of them means they can understand the questions better by visualising the situation.

Yes. They can just head to the practice topics area and they can choose any driving theory test subject that they wish to practice. They can also choose to practice multiple topics too

On the learner progress report, you can see what your learners have been practising and how they are scoring. Also, under the Insight section, you can click on the ‘view’ button to go deeper and see the answers that they have given.

No. Once your learners have accepted your invite, they will receive full access to the entire theory test question bank and all the videos too. It is up to you whether you wish to keep them going or choose to remove them to free up a seat. If you do remove them, they will lose all access to your ADI plan.

On your dashboard states ‘current learners’ and you can view all the learners that currently have access to your account.

Pending invitations are when you have sent an invitation to a learner and they are yet to accept. If they accept within 7 days, they will go on to your current learners list but if they don’t then they will go onto your expired invitations list.

Sometimes text messages can get delayed or just not get delivered for some technical reason. Usually rare these days but still happens sometimes and it would normally be beyond our control. We advise always sending both text message and email at the same time.

If an email hasn’t been received, then there is a strong chance that the email invitation has gone into the junk/spam folder. Always check that first and if its not in there either then do resend the invitation or get in contact with us.

Whenever the DVSA update the driving theory test questions, we being a licensee, will implement the changes and ensure that they are updated onto our systems as soon as possible. That way your learners are always studying the latest questions.

We have licenced the car theory test questions from the DVSA and therefore they are up to date and legal. The questions which learner drivers may come across on the actual theory test may vary slightly on certain wording but the general questions and the meaning behind them remain the same according to the DVSA.

BSL Theory Test is a UK limited company and owns nearly all of the images on the site. The images were either individually designed by graphic designers that we sourced, bought and paid for from a stock company or are being used from the DVSA theory test image bank. We have licences to prove this and we do not give permission for any third party to use our images in anyway other than using our theory test software with our permission.

The added images are designed to help give the learner driver a better sense of the situation as well as helping the learner driver understand the questions better. Also, there are many words on the theory test that either have a double meaning or do not make sense to everyone so the images are there to help clarify the meaning. So far, we have received a lot of feedback confirming this from both learner drivers and their driving instructors.

Feel free to send any query you have to and we will respond as soon as we possibly can.

Yes, we provide many videos that learners can practice for the hazard perception test.

Yes, we have many case study video clips that your learners will have access to and can practice as many times as they wish.

They can either go to and book their driving theory test there or they can call them on 0300 200 1122. The total cost of the theory test is £23 and we always advise going direct to the DVSA to book your theory test.

We can help with theory test practice, hazard perception test practice, case study video practice and we have made the driving theory test easier and more accessible to more people than ever with all the images and ideas that we have put together but I’m afraid that we do not book any type of test and that includes the theory test.

We provide hazard perception test videos and case study videos that have many instances that try to mimic real life situations so you will find a lot of help there. Regarding further information about learning to drive, preparing for the driving test and achieving that driving licence is generally best given by the driving instructor.

The Presentation Package is designed to allow the instructor/teacher to teach the driving theory test in a presentation format. The presenation package is designed to work on large screen devices and can be controlled using a remote control as well as having different features than the traditional learner access. All the questions and answers have the same pictures that is on BSL Theory Test but it is the ability to do more like change text size, picture size, add personal logos, jump from question 5 to 55 for example, removing distractions that the learner edition has and being able to be shared on platforms like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams that makes the presentation package ideal for anyone teaching the theory test.