When you are studying for the car theory test you will need to study and practice 14 car theory test subjects. These subjects range from your attitude towards road users around you to the rules regarding the motorway.

Rules of the Road – this subject has 67 car theory test questions attached to it, ranging from when can you stop on a clearway to overtaking on a one-way street.

We are going to start with the first one relating to clearway. A clearway sign is the circle sign that has a red border and a red x in the middle with blue to fill in the gaps.

When may you stop on a clearway?

  • Never
  • When its busy
  • In the rush hour
  • During daylight hours

Before we start trying to answer the theory test question above lets analyse what a clearway on UK roads is. According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), ‘a clearway is a road or section of road on which it is illegal to stop on the main carriageway for any reason except an emergency.’ Generally, these roads can be quite fast where you can expect the national speed limit or just roads that are too dangerous to stop. These clearway roads are designed to prevent traffic from stopping and helps traffic continue their journey with less dangers and hold-ups. By understanding what a clearway is you can immediately have a pretty good guess to what the correct answer to the car theory test question above. This question would now feel very easy when you know what a clearway is so for this question ‘when may you stop on a clearway’ the answer is ‘never.’ You can never stop on a clearway unless it is an emergency. Just before we move on to the next question, an urban clearway is a certain section of a clearway that you can park. This has a different sign attached to it that is generally yellow, black and white and has days and times displayed. The days and times displayed on the sign are the times that you cannot park your vehicle.

Another question on the car theory test that you will come across is

Where may you overtake on a one-way street?

  • Only on the left-hand side
  • Overtaking isn’t allowed
  • Only on the right-hand side
  • On either the right or the left

In the UK overtaking is only allowed to be on the right-hand side of the road on a two-way street, on a dual carriageway and a motorway but does that still apply to a one-way street? The simple answer is no. On a one-way street you can overtake on either the left-hand side of the road or the right-hand side of the road. This is because the traffic on the right-hand side may be slowing down because they wish to turn right or park on the right-hand side of the road. One-way streets are the only type of roads that vehicles are allowed to overtake on the left, all other situations you are only allowed to overtake on the right unless special circumstances apply. So, the answer to the car theory test question above ‘where may you overtake on a one-way street’ is ‘on either the right or the left.’