When you are studying for the car theory test you will need to study and practice 14 car theory test subjects. These subjects range from your attitude towards road users around you to the rules regarding the motorway.

Incidents, Accidents and Emergencies – a question tally of 48 on the car theory test. Incidents, accidents and emergencies deals with subjects ranging from what to do when there are road casualties to seeing a large box falling from a lorry.

We will start with the first car theory test question:

You arrive at the scene of a crash where someone is bleeding heavily from a wound in the arm. Nothing is embedded in the wound. What could you do to help?

  • Walk them around and keep them talking
  • Dab the wound
  • Get them a drink
  • Apply pressure over the wound

Let’s break the answers down to the car theory test question above and see how we can come up with the correct answer. The first answer is ‘walk them around and keep them talking’. Well if the injured person is hurt quite badly then we could end up hurting them even further by walking them around, so this method is not a safe or recommended option. Answer two ‘dab the wound’ this is a better answer than some of the others but by dabbing on the wound that might not be enough to stop the heavy bleeding that is coming from the injured persons arm so dabbing the wound will probably not be sufficient enough. Third answer to the car theory test question above is ‘get them a drink’. This can help rehydrate the injured person but that will not stop the wound from bleeding and so this is also an incorrect answer. Therefore, the correct answer to the question in the car theory test is ‘apply pressure over the wound’. If an injured person is bleeding heavily in their arm and there is nothing embedded in the wound then it’s a good idea to apply a thick bandage and apply a lot of pressure to the wound in order to slow the blood from coming out. It is a good idea to do this until the emergency services arrive as losing too much blood may mean that the injured person loses consciousness.

The second question we are going to discuss on the car theory test is:

What should you do if you see a large box fall from a lorry onto the motorway?

  • Go to the next emergency telephone and report the hazard
  • Catch up with the lorry and try to get the driver’s attention
  • Stop close to the box until the police arrive
  • Pull over to the hard shoulder, then remove the box

We are now going to go through some of the answers to the car theory test question above. ‘Catch up with the lorry and try to get the driver’s attention’. Problem with this is that you may have to drive very fast to do that potentially breaking the speed limit, then if you did catch up with the lorry driver they might not hear you properly or understand what you are trying to say as the motorway is normally very noisy. ‘Stop close to the box until the police arrive.’ By stopping on the motorway in any lane other than the hard shoulder means putting your life, life of your passengers and other road users life at huge risk as the vehicles normally travel very fast on the motorway and when an accident happens on the motorway it can be fatal. ‘Pull over to the hard shoulder, then remove the box.’ The hard shoulder is a lane on the left side of some motorways that is to be used only for emergencies and not as a running/ driving lane unless traffic officers or road signs tell you otherwise. If you did stop on the hard shoulder and then tried to remove the box yourself, you can potentially misjudge the speed of the motorway traffic and you could end up being killed. Therefore, the best and safest answer to the car theory test question above is ‘go to the next emergency telephone and report the hazard.’ By doing so you have avoided danger on the motorway and by letting the emergency services know of the box, someone can come and remove it safely. Finally, by using the emergency telephone the emergency services will know your exact location and will find the box sooner.