If you are someone that has recently turned seventeen, there is likely only one thing that is currently on your mind – becoming a fully-fledged car driver. This is a landmark moment in your life, and one that should be treated as such. Unfortunately, before you get too carried-away with the celebrations, there are a few hurdles that you need to overcome, with one of these being your theory test. As a leading provider of theory test revision assistance, BSL Theory Test is ideally-suited to offering some insight into the information that you need to know.

The Format

Should the world of driving be relatively new to you, it is understandable that you want to do everything in your power to familiarise yourself with what to expect. At its most basic, the modern driving theory test is divided into two distinct sections. The first is out of fifty, and consists solely of multiple choice questions – this is what most aspiring drivers decide to focus their attention on. However, you would do-well to spare a thought for the hazard perception, as this could well be your downfall.

What To Take

When the day of your test finally arrives, we are sure that you will be feeling rather nervous; thankfully, there is not much that you need to take care of, in terms of things that you must have upon your arrival at the test centre. As you would expect, the first item that you need to check that you have is your driving licence – without this, the result will be that you are turned away. Not only will this be a major disappointment, but also a complete-and-utter waste of money.

How To Pass

If you have already been able to locate a reliable source for revision questions, the likelihood is that you are already well-versed in the scores that you need to hit. That being said, we are pleased to be able to shine some light on the subject for those of you that are a little ignorant. In terms of the pass marks for the multiple-choice and hazard perception aspects, you need forty three and forty four respectively. In case you were wondering, this is out of a possible fifty and seventy five. As you can see, there is very-little margin for error when it comes to your multiple-choice answers.

What Can We Offer You?

By now, you should be well-aware of what is expected of you during your theory test – all that is left to do now is try to aptly prepare yourself. Usually, this will mean pouring over practice questions and the Highway Code as much as possible, as only with an in-depth knowledge do you have any hope of passing your driving test without any lingering issues. Should you want the help of professionals in this department, don’t worry – BSL Theory Test is here to help.

Need More Information?

Preparing for your theory test in the UK is easier said than done; there are various factors that you need to take into account, and that is before you start to concentrate on your revision. Relentlessly reading over the Highway Code is a strategy that works for some, whilst others will tell you that dedicating yourself to mock tests is the best course-of-action. In truth, if you want to pass your driving theory test with ease, including the hazard perception test aspect, you need to turn to BSL Theory Test for support. Why not email us today at support@bsltheorytest.co.uk, and get your journey towards your driving licence well-underway?