We provide theory test software to those that need it

If you need to drive soon then you will need to make sure that the theory pass happens within the first two years of your practical test. When you pass the theory test you are given 2 years in which you will need to pass the driving test otherwise you will need to sit the theory test again.

Once the theory test has passed you are then able to book your driving test. It is always a good idea to consult with your driving instructor before you book your driving test as they should be able to give you an estimated date of when you will be ready for the test.

Once you have booked your test you should then have the necessary amount of lessons in the lead up to your test to help you stand a greater chance of passing the test. Another good tip is that you try to have lessons in the area that you will be taking your test in as that way you will get to learn many of the test routes.

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It’s never too late to start studying

There are not many tests that where designed to be easy and the theory test is not one of them. It will require time, effort and study and as long as you can commit to that then you are on the way to passing the test.

If you find the theory test difficult to understand then you may benefit on using us. Our theory software is picture-based and will significantly help improve your chances of passing the theory test. Just pop on to our website and once you sign up you will find studying for the theory much easier.

Don’t be afraid of the theory test as you are in good hands with us

The theory test is scary to many people as there are hundreds of questions to study for and many words and phrases that a lot of people are not sure the meaning of. This is where we come in as we provide you with a software that has thousands of pictures added so to help you understand the theory as well as prepare for the test.

So whatever you decide to do whether you decide to join us or decide to learn elsewhere that is up to you but do remember that we have years of experience in understanding that people learn best when they see pictures and that is what has inspired us to add pictures. Thanks for reading and whenever you want to theory pass we are always here for you.