Our theory software guarantees you that you will pass 1st time.

We have spent years developing a theory test pro that is not only easy to use but will help you pass quicker. Its common knowledge that the failure rate for the theory is high and one of the reasons is because learners do not understand what they are studying and that way they are losing interest.

This is why our software separates us from the rest. By signing up with us you will be using our picture-based software where you will begin to understand what you are reading. Imagine every question and 4 possible answers will have complete images to them so to make it 100% visual.

It was only when we heard complaints from Deaf, autistic, dyslexic and people that use English as a second language did, we realise that action needs to be done. This was a motivation for us to put this theory software together which creates visual learning and understanding and it has proven a huge success.

Here is a list of theory test pro and cons to give you an idea if it is ideal for you

  • Thousands have used theory test pro software and have never looked back
  • Once you sign up you will notice that the theory test pro with very little cons
  • We even provide a live chat service in order to answer any of your questions
  • Picture based theory test pro is guaranteed to help you pass 1st time
  • We do not provide an amateur version, just a theory test pro for everyone
  • Theory test pro is designed to help you learn and understand the theory better
  • You can sign up with us anytime and you will always get full access when you do
  • Our aim is to make you feel like a theory test pro once you join us

Why is the theory so difficult to pass?

The theory test was designed to challenge learners and make sure they understand the rules of the road and road signs too. That way the hope is that people will be safer drivers when they do pass the driving test and that will lead to less accidents.

The main problem has always been the understanding of the theory test. There are hundreds of words in the theory that many learners just do not understand and having something visual beside it like an image or picture makes a huge difference.

A great way for learning to take place

According to many psychologists, the human brain is ten times more likely to remember a subject or topic when they can picture it rather than just reading it. It’s the way our brains work and it really is useful when it comes to the theory.

We have provided thousands of images to all 730 theory questions and answers in order to help learners understand what they are reading. Remember by signing up with us you are 90% more likely to pass and you will feel like a theory test pro heading for their driving test.