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Can I take my driving test before I pass the theory test?

Unfortunately, you will need to pass the theory test first before you can take the driving test but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your driving lessons. Many learners choose to start their driving lessons before they pass the driving test, its completely up to you

if you prefer you can pass the theory test first before you start your driving lessons. BSL Theory Test is a great way of helping you pass the theory test as all our questions and answers have pictures to them to help you understand the theory test.

Why do I find the theory test so hard?

Finding the theory test hard to understand is something many learners struggle with as a lot of the text in the theory are words that you may not be familiar with so its normal to struggle. That is why we are picture-based so you can understand what you are reading.

It’s never too late to pass the theory test and it should not be a daunting prospect neither. Whether you are confident or lack confidence you can be sure you will be getting the top tests with us.