Our visual software is the first of its kind and will help you pass the theory.

We know the theory test revision isn’t easy and that’s why we have made this new software. Our software is visual and has thousands of images to help you learn and understand what you are reading plus you also stand a stronger chance of passing the theory test.

We created the picture-based theory in order for candidates to start learning what they are reading rather than just memorising what is expected of them on the day. The images are designed to help explain the questions and answers better so that learning and understanding takes place.

There are a total of three thousand six hundred and fifty (3,650) images on our site and that’s just only on our theory section. We have videos for the new case studies, hazard perception videos too as well as access to the complete highway code.

Our job is to make the theory test revision much easier for you

  • Picture-based learning makes the theory test revision much more fun
  • Theory test revision with nearly 4 thousand pictures
  • Easier theory test revision with faster pass results
  • Friendly customer service team to answer your queries
  • Affordable prices and instant access to all the information you will ever need
  • New video case studies to aid better theory test revision
  • If you are enjoying the theory test revision, then you are sure to enjoy our new software
  • Higher pass rates with better understanding make us the best theory test revision site on the net

Fed up of high failure rates?

Its not easy studying for the theory and its even harder passing the test but that’s the only option you have if you want to get closer to that driving licence. To make matters worse the theory pass rates seems to fall year on year and that’s enough to scare anyone.

Our theory site is designed to help you make sense of what is expected of you on the day of your test. There is really no point in just memorizing what is needed to pass the test as this method can only help you pass the test without actually understanding what the theory test is all about. It is always far better to understand the theory and that way not only will that help you pass but it will also make sense when you finally get your first car.

Feeling confident for the test?

Under-studying for any type of test is normally a recipe for failure and that is why we recommend that regular amounts of revision on a daily basis is the best way to prep you for this test. We have also included hundreds of mock tests so you can test yourself to see you progress.

If you are keen on sharing your progress with your driving instructor, then we have an instructor login page too where you can give them access for them to view your progress. This in return will mean they can help advise you on areas that you need improving on so you can focus the theory test revision more on the areas you are weaker on.