On this page we will be helping you step by step to passing this test.

What is safe driving for life that I read? Believe it or not it is not just about driving carefully but it is also about understanding the rules of the road and traffic signs. Knowing each sign and what it means will help you to being a good driver.

So before you take that important step into becoming a driver on todays hectic roads you will need to pass the theory test first and that’s where we come in. Our software allows you to learn the theory test in a way that has never been available before.

We call ourselves BSL theory test and our theory test goes above and beyond in ensuring that you will not only pass the theory test but making sure you learn and understand what you are actually reading. There really is no point in just memorizing the answers. You can be sure that you are in the best possible hands when you sign up with us.

I want to be good at safe driving for life so can you help me?

  • Safe driving for life is the way forward for all learner drivers
  • We find that safe driving for life means learners passing the theory test the right way
  • We are UK based so we are easy to get in touch with
  • Our job is help you pass the theory test and ensure you will be safe driving for life
  • Remember to be safe driving for life means you will understand road signs and rules
  • 100% guaranteed that you will pass with us or you can use us again
  • Theory test passes and safe driving for life is what we strive to achieve every time
  • Safe driving for life means you will be sure to be considered a good road user

Need to pass the theory test soon but do not know how?

Our software will help you every step of the way to passing this theory test. We provide pictures to aid learning, mock tests to test your progress, hazard perception to practice awareness and even all the case studies you will ever need top study for. Our policy is we will not stop until you pass.

It is always a good idea to practice studying for the theory test in advance. The human brain needs time to absorb information and trying to cram too much information in a short space of time is never normally a good idea. Try and give yourself a good head start, and remember we are always behind you.

Can I get help to pass the theory test from my driving instructor?

It is always a good idea to speak to your driving instructor to see if they can help you. If they can then that’s brilliant as they would have years of driving experience and can help you with any questions you are not sure of or any road signs that do not make sense to you. Although do try not to be upset if they are unable to help you as they might be busy teaching other learners to drive or have family commitments.

Do not forget that we are always here for you to make sure you pass the theory test. If you need to ask us any theory related question then just go ahead, we want you to be asking any question you have as we want to be sure that you will be safe driving for life forever.