BSL Theory Test can confirm that the Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson has made it clear that London and the South-East of England will be heading into the tier 4 restrictions as of Sunday 20th December 2020. This is due to the fact that the covid-19 infection rate has been spreading more rapidly in these areas and needs to be better controlled. This in return means that all car theory tests that fall into tier 4 will be suspended until further notice. For example, if a candidate has their car theory test booked for some time in December 2020 it will not go ahead and they will need to move it away to a later date. If they do not move it then it will be moved automatically by the DVSA and the theory test candidate will be given the next available car theory test date which could mean waiting many months. This is probably likely to be the case for all car theory tests which fall into the tier 4 category that are booked in January, but we are still waiting for further government announcements to confirm this. The sad part of this is that for anyone in tier 4 that has their theory test expiring soon, their car theory test will not be extended meaning that the candidate may need to book and pass another car theory test before booking their practical test. This can be an awkward situation to many learner drivers that are nearing being driving test ready as this will waste more of their time and potentially setting them even further back from being test ready.

Anyone that falls under tiers 1, 2 and 3 of England will not be affected under these current government announcements and should proceed with preparing themselves for their car theory test as normal.

The Scottish government have announced that on 26 December 2020 they will be going into a full lockdown which in turn means all car theory tests will inevitably be cancelled.

The Welsh government has also announced that on 24 December 2020 at 6pm they will move to alert level four and that also means that all car theory tests will be cancelled.