Contrary to popular belief, the process involved in learning to drive is one that involves a number of steps. Naturally, you will want to get onto the somewhat ‘fun’ aspect of the practical side of things. Before you reach this, however, you must receive your certificate from the theory test centre. Some people reading this may see the two as completely separate matters – here at BSL Theory Test, we have a different view. We believe that theory test practice is intrinsically linked to your practical driving, and you can see our reasoning for this below.

Improved General Knowledge

By far, the biggest selling-point associated with the theory test, in relation to how it can stand you in good stead for your practical examination, is the way that it can amplify your general driving knowledge. The Highway Code is a valuable tool at your disposal – it outlines the rules and regulations that will pertain to you. There is a common misconception amongst drivers that their theory revision is a waste of time. The hours that you invest here will allow you to reap the rewards further down the line – this is the thought-process that you need to have.

Greater Reaction Times

Once you have managed to get past the multiple-choice stage, you are subsequently faced with the hazard perception test. This will truly see what you are made of as a driver, as you will need to be on high-alert to determine when a hazard is developing. During your preparation stage, you will no-doubt take a number of mock tests. When you complete these day-after-day, an added bonus will be that you can slowly-but-surely bolster your reaction time; skills such as these cannot be underestimated, as they have real-world applications.

High-Pressure Conditions

When you are out on the open road, you never know what will happen; the reason that we want to point this out is that you need to try and develop an understanding of what to do in time-sensitive situations. Although you might not think it, taking your theory test will subject you to a significant amount of pressure for 57 minutes. With countless questions and clips to try to navigate, this will push you to your limits.

How Can We Be Of Service?

If you think that your Highway Code knowledge is sub-par, or you wish to improve your ability to answer the 50 questions that you are faced with in the real test, you will be thrilled to learn that it is not too late to make a change. Should you have not come across us in the past, we wish to make it known that when you come to BSL Theory Test, you can view the seven hundred and thirty questions that the DVSA can present you with. With video clips in abundance, we have something for all aspiring road users.

Need Further Assistance?

Hopefully, you will now be familiar with the various ways in which the car theory test can ensure that you are fully-prepared to tackle the numerous elements that are involved in the practical test. Whilst driving lessons are undoubtedly a crucial part, the multiple-choice questions and hazard perception clips play a vital role. Should you be attempting to learn to drive, and wish to turn to a professional third-party for more help, the only name that you need to be aware of is BSL Theory Test. If you think that our services could bolster your chances of acing the driving theory test first-time, the email address that can be used to reach us is