If you were to conduct a survey amongst aspiring drivers in relation to the part of the theory test that they were dreading the most, there is no-doubt about it; the majority would point towards the hazard perception section. In this, you are shown a number of clips, and must click the mouse when you spot developing hazards. Whilst this may sound simple, it routinely trips people up. Thankfully, BSL Theory Test has taken the liberty of putting together a guide that could potentially enable you to get the passing grade that you require.

Be wary of clicking

There may be some people reading this that believe that it is possible to obtain a pass mark by just clicking the mouse as-and-when they feel like it – this could not be further from the truth. Were you to adopt this method, it would not take long for the sense of disappointment to overcome you. The system is designed to freeze you out if you do this, hence why you have to be wary when trying to identify hazards starting to develop.

Talk to your instructor

Provided that you have been smart when hiring them, your driving instructor should have years of experience under their belt. The reason that this is important is that not only can they assist you from a practical standpoint – they could also have knowledge that benefits you in relation to the theory test. If you have an open-and-frank discussion about your struggles with the hazard perception element, they can try to help you see these types of scenarios in the real world.

Don’t be lazy

If you enter your theory test with a sense of complacency, the chances of you achieving a satisfactory outcome are greatly diminished. A fact that many learner drivers fail to remember is that there is one clip within the hazard perception segment that consists of two hazards. As such, you will need to remain vigilant throughout, as you do not want to miss this. In the grand scheme of things, this could damage your opportunity to progress, which we are sure is a situation that you will want to avoid.

Practice makes perfect

Although this might seem like common sense, we guarantee that you will be amazed at the sheer number of aspiring drivers that fail to invest the necessary time into revision. Whilst your primary focus might be on the multiple choice, it would be unwise to completely overlook the hazard perception element. The simple act of watching a few clips a day can enable you to reap the rewards further down the line. If you wish to be lazy, the price that you will pay will come in the form of booking another test.

One Final Word

We hope that the tips and tricks that have been imparted above will have helped you in your journey to mastering the hazard perception element within the modern driving theory test. Spotting potential hazards is not something that can be done with ease – as is the case with your driving lessons, the reality is that practice makes perfect. If you are a learner driver that wants to gain a better understanding of how the test works, or simply wants to work on their hazard perception skills, you are in luck – BSL Theory Test is here to help. As a firm, we strive to assist you in any way that we can; whether this is with the hazard perception video or the multiple-choice section, we won’t let you down. Why not write to us today at support@bsltheorytest.co.uk and get th