You have two years to pass the driving test from the day you pass the car theory test otherwise you will have to pass the car theory test again. The reason for this is because the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) want you to be up to date with the car theory test, hazard perception and the highway code. Driving requires a lot of concentration and understanding of the road signs and forgetting these road markings and signs will hinder your driving ability. You cannot take the car driving test until you have passed the car theory test. It is recommended that you either pass the car theory test just before you start your driving lessons or start your driving lessons and start preparing for the car theory test. You can use the second method to ask your driving instructor for help if there are any questions on the theory test that you are unsure of. You can choose to either buy the car theory test books to help you study for the car theory test or purchase the car theory test software so you can study electronically. Either way do ensure that you study well enough for both the car theory test and the hazard perception as pass rates for the car theory test are currently rather low. The current pass rate for the car theory test is around 47% so please do not underestimated the theory or the hazard perception as not only is it bad for your confidence to fail the car theory test, it will also cost you £23 every time plus in some parts of the country, the car theory test waiting list can be up to six weeks wait. There has been complaints by many driving instructors across the country that claim that many of their learner drivers that they teach that have not passed the car theory test before starting their driving lessons have found themselves in situations where they are nearly ready for their practical test but have not passed the car theory test. What happens in this situation? Does the learner driver stop taking driving lessons until they have passed the car theory test running the risk of forgetting a lot of things they have learned on their driving lessons or should they continue with their driving lessons paying excess amounts of money for driving lessons that they do not actually need? It is a difficult one but we would say try to pass the car theory test first and once you do, then start your driving lessons.