There are two parts to the theory test that you need to be aware of. Part one is the theory test which has 50 questions that you need to answer and get a minimum of 43 out of 50 correct and then there is part 2 which is the hazard perception videos. The hazard perception videos consist of 14 videos that you will need to watch. Whenever you see a hazard developing you will need to click the mouse in order to show that you have spotted it. The earlier you click the mouse the more points you will score. The idea here is to test your awareness skills ensuring that you are looking far down the road enough and anticipating any danger before it actually happens. It could be a cyclist on the road, a pedestrian about to cross or even a lorry’s rear door open with the possibility of workers stepping out into the road which could result in you having to brake or swerve. 13 of the 14 videos have a maximum scoring of 5 points and 1 of the videos has a double hazard on it so that’s a maximum of 10 points. If you over click the mouse, then the computer will assume that you are trying to cheat and will give you an X which Is 0 points for that video. This part of the test comes after the theory test and you can normally take a short break or go straight into it. You can practice the hazard perception videos using our theory test software or any software that you have purchased that includes it as part of the theory test package. We recommend that you use the latest version of the theory test as the theory questions have changed slightly and the hazard perception videos have also changed with the new ones being more animated. The total amount of points you can receive for the hazard perception videos are 75 with a minimum of 44 points to pass. You should be aiming to get into the 60 point region before you take the test. The hazard perception videos tend to have a higher pass rate than the theory test questions so make sure you study well enough to pass noting that you will need to pass both the theory test questions and the hazard perception videos before you can receive an overall pass and your theory test certificate.