So, how do you prepare for the theory test? Well you will need to purchase suitable study material whether it is in the form of books or online software that you will need to use to start studying for the theory test. The theory test pass rates are not particularly high so thorough learning and understanding should always take place. Once you have started preparing for the theory test it might be a good idea to pop onto the DVSA’s website and have a look at theory test dates. If the waiting list is quite long it might be a good idea to consider booking the theory test in order that you will not only have a theory test date in the future booked but you will have given yourself a target date to work towards.

Once you are all prepared for the theory test and have passed those mock tests then its all about ensuring that you do well on the big day. When you turn up to the theory test make sure that you have your provisional licence with you as failure to do so will mean that you will need to book another theory test which sadly means, #forfeiting the fee. If you have the old-style provisional licence then you will need to bring your passport with you as proof of who you are. Do not turn up late as if you do you may also be refused entry and again this will mean forfeiting your fee. It’s a good idea to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your test so you can be sure to not miss the time slot. You will be asked to show your provisional licence and then when its your turn you will be seated by a suitable computer and that’s when you will begin the theory test. You have 57 minutes to complete the 50 theory test questions with a minimum of 43 to pass and you can go back on any questions that you were not sure of. Once you have completed this section you will then move onto the hazard perception videos. There are 14 you will need to answer and a maximum score of 75 and a minimum score of 44 to pass. Once you have completed both parts to the theory test then make your way to the reception where the receptionist will give you a letter confirming whether you have passed or failed the theory test. If you have failed then you will need to resit both parts again at a later date but if you pass then you will be given a theory test pass certificate to prove you have passed.