The highway code is a book of rules (cars, vans, lorries, motorcycles, bicycles…) that all road users must follow. It is not only for car drivers but also for van drivers, lorry drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists too. It gives tips and insights into doing things properly, for example, it gives information on the safest forms of overtaking another vehicle. The three rules to overtaking have always been to ask yourself i) is it legal (will I break the speed limit if I overtake?), ii) is it safe (is there a side road ahead that can lead to a serious accident if I overtake?) and iii) is it necessary (is it worth me overtaking now or will I be turning off soon?)

The highway code also gives advice on what to do in certain situations like vehicle breakdowns. If your vehicle has broken down and its not particularly a safe place to be there then if you cannot get out of your vehicle then it may be safer to leave the vehicle and get yourself and your passengers to a safe place so that you can wait there until the breakdown recovery team come to your assistance.

The highway code also gives insights into using the road and common practices that expected from all road users. It gives advice to car drivers, riders and pedestrians and how to behave on the road seeing as we all share the road together. A good example is giving rules on crossing the road that helps pedestrians understand when and how to cross the road as well as pedestrian crossings like zebra crossings. Zebra crossings are given priority to pedestrians and all road vehicles should be aware of them and ensure they stop and give way to pedestrians whenever possible.

Also the highway code gives insights into ways road users can be courteous to bus drivers. The highway code states that road users should give way to buses if its safe to do so. This means if a car plans to overtake and a bus signals to move out then that car should give way to the bus as long as it is safe to do so. If it is not safe to give way or the car has already started to overtake the bus then its probably safer for the car to continue overtaking the bus as by stopping in the middle of an overtake can lead to be being hit from behind or even being positioned in a dangerous part of the road where it is not safe to wait there.